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Meet Gwen!

Gwen, our beloved fairy godmother. A hard working mother of 3 who is on a mission to deliver joy, happiness and magic right to your doorstep! As the proud owner and operator of MPBG she is your must-have life line to a great time. She is the heartbeat of the organization providing you with all of the creative games, activities, prizes and more that the kids always love and enjoy! At the wave of her wand she will dazzle any room and set the stage for a beautiful evening. She works with you because she values your business and is a part of each party every step of the way making sure it all goes smoothly. After all, this is simply what fairy godmothers DO! 

Turning pumpkins into carriages, rags into gowns and mice into men- We are proud to have such a caring and supportive leader here who always shows up 110%. 

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