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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your prices lower than other princess companies, am I missing something? 

          We offer the amazing costumes, our cast are vocalists and thespians and have specialized training above our competition. We believe that every child should be able to have a Magical Birthday and special guest to make memories that last a lifetime.

Why is the Fairy Godmother included with every package?
          Our Fairy Godmother helps the parents take a break and enjoy the fun. She will keep the party moving and organized, so your party gets every Magical moment  your child deserves.

Can I book more than 1 character?
          Yes! Our cast loves working together.  We only charge compensation for the cast member (character) you would like to add. Unlike many other  similar companies, we don't feel the need to tax you with any additional fee's. We are glad you booked with us for your Magical Memories.

Can your performers attend outdoor events?
          Absolutely, but we ask that you do your best to keep our Characters in a Shady Area or have a place that they can take a rest in the shade if needed.

Can we reschedule our event?
          Of Course, we will be glad to reschedule your event as long as the date is open on our schedule. We do our best to work with you but we do request a 7 day notice so that we have time to make other arrangements if possible. However, we understand that sometimes last minute cancellations do happen. In this case you will be refunded for all charges except the cast pay. This is only to ensure that the cast member is still compensated for the time lost.

Does your cast accept gratuity?
          Yes, they love knowing that they did a great job! Our Cast members work hard to look like your Child's favorite Character. Princesses usually take over an hour to get the perfect look. Rehearsals and hours of learning your child's favorite music. All to create the perfect Magical Memories. Parents will typically tip $20 for a job well done!
At Magical Parties, your Fairy Godmother is the owner. She would never accept a tip for her services and asks that the characters be tipped directly.

What do I need on the day of the event?
          We just need a place to set up all our magical makeup and glitter hair products. It can be a counter space, a separate table or a space on the porch. If you do not have a table, let us know, we can bring our Pretty Pink table with us!  Just point us in the right direction, sit back and enjoy the party!

How many children can I invite?
          When having the Magical Makeover we have found that up to 12 children is best. We recommend if are having 12 or more, you consider hiring another character to keep the party. There is no limit to the number of children you may have with 1 character. However, based on experience if you are having a Magical Makeover, you want every little princess to get all the services. 

Do you do events and parties at restaurants and other community places?
          We love to play in the community. Please make sure we are allowed to come to the establishment. A Tip, make sure there is room to have fun in that environment.

Do we need to provide parking?
          Generally no, but we do ask that a spot be left in the front of your house to make loading and unloading 

Do we have to give you Review after our party?
          No, of course not! We understand that life gets busy. However, we do work hard to create a magical experience for your child and its nice to hear when we have done a great job. 
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